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-- Current weather forecast to a goo percentage of the United States: Hot Hot HOT... with a strong probability of HHHOOOTTT! With that said, everyone PLEASE take care to properly hydrate and occasionally cool off during the brutal heat assault man...... 07/19/2019 | read the full article
  -- Here's a question we hear often: "What is the simplest water filter I can buy?" We got asked that question, again, just the other day and it once again shocked us that someone would first think of simplicity rather than efficiency and effectivenes...... 07/17/2019 | read the full article
  -- In the mood for a... BATH? Who doesn't love a nice bath surrounded by warm water, your favorite scented soap, a few soft scented candles, some skin-abusing chlorine, and wait, WHAT? Kind of ruined the fantasy, right? Well fear not, friends, becaus...... 07/17/2019 | read the full article
  -- Warm weather woes... include swimming and frolicking in cool, refreshing swimming pools. Wait, what? How is that a PROBLEM?!?!? Well, I'll tell you: SOME people just DON'T understand a little 'bug' called Cryptosporidium, abbreviated as Crypto a...... 07/16/2019 | read the full article
  -- Over the weekend we got asked the following question about SenSafe John's Copper Test Strips (MPN 480042): "Is there a color key to match to on the bottle?" Yes, this product comes with a color chart on the outside of the bottle. To...... 07/15/2019 | read the full article

Free Chlorine in Water (Bottle)
0.05 ppm to > 6.0 ppm
EPA Approved Method

Total Chlorine Test Kit
0 ppm to 10.0 ppm

WaterWorks 2 Free/Total Chlorine
Free & Total Chlorine Test
0 ppm to 5.0 ppm
Tests Both at Once


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